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Artist: Germano Zenga     Album: Gato!     Label: Caligola Records     Code: Caligola 2339


  • Gato!

  • Germano Zenga

  • 03 November 2023

  • Caligola 2339

  • 8033433293390

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  • Created on : 28 October 2023

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  • From: Caligola Records

Press Release

Germano Zenga, born in Milan in 1971, despite having an intense professional activity behind him, has not released many records as a leader, but each is the result of a project developed over time and never random. Many years after «Tide of Dreams» and «Changin' Balance» comes out now «Gato!», also recorded in quartet, his favourite line-up. This project is not intended to be just a tribute to a great musician such as Leandro “Gato” Barbieri, but to the personal reworking and the dynamic development of experiences he left us, in particular in those works he recorded between the 60s and 70s («The Third World», «Fenix», «Chapter One», «Chapter Two» and «Chapter Three»). His musical thinking represents the starting point from which this quartet then embarked on a path of exploration, finding its own identity, in which space and time sometimes become liquid elements with an indefinite shape. Getting lost in this scenario becomes every time a necessity to evade the zone of comfort and go further, towards an unknown and deep sea in which to immerse and abandon oneself. Enrico Rava has made a precious contribution to the success of the project. The famous trumpeter, who here plays the flugelhorn in three tracks, has played with Gato both in the second half of the 60s and in more recent years.


Track List

01) Merceditas (Gato Barbieri)
02) Antonio das Mortes (G.Barbieri)
03) Hamba Khale (Abdullah Ibrahim)
04) Lost Tango (G.Zenga, F.Faraò)
05) Sombra de Gato (G.Zenga)
06) El Gato (G.Barbieri)
07) Mimi’s Dream (G.Zenga)
08) El Pampero (G.Barbieri)
09) Tupac Amaru (G.Barbieri)
10) La musica no se puede explicar (G.Zenga, D.Gallo,
       L.Gusella, F.Faraò)





Germano Zenga (tenor sax)
Luca Gusella (vibes, percussion)
Danilo Gallo (double bass, bass balalaika, flute)
Ferdinando Faraò (drums, percussion)
special guest:
Enrico Rava (flugelhorn) on tracks 2/4/10

Recording Data

Recorded, mixed and mastered between March and April 2023, by Vins De Leo, at Crossroad Recording Studio, Cologno Monzese (Milano), Italy

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