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Artist: Gianluca Vigliar     Album: Plastic Estrogenus     Label: A.MA Records A.MA Edizioni     Code:

Plastic Estrogenus

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  • Created on : 10 February 2020

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  • From: A.MA Records A.MA Edizioni

Press Release

'Plastic Estrogenus' is the new album from Gianluca Vigliar's Quintet which finds its

home on the diverse jazz label of A.MA Records.
This project marks the second full-length release from the Italian saxophonist and

composer following the success of his 2017 debut project 'FraGia' which saw Vigliar

introduce his inspired piano-less jazz to the world.
Prior to the formation of his Quintet for 'Plastic Estrogenus', Gianluca Vigliar projects

have taken on various iterations.  There is the aforementioned album 'FraGia' and

prior to that there was the Vigliar G Trio in 2012 - also pianoless! - and there have

 been various big band projects including the Orchestra Jazz of Villa Celimontana

 and work with pianist Pino Jodice as part of his Quintet.  Vigliar's projects have

 certainly been as numerous as they have been varied and with the creation of

the Gianluca Vigliar Quintet, the union marks something of an exciting time in

Vigliar's continual evolution.
And turning our attention to the members of said Quintet, for 'Plastic Estrogenus'

, Vigliar reunites with the players that helped make 'FraGia' the success it was:

Francesco Fratini (Milena Angelè, Ibrido Hot Six) returns on trumpet duties,

Luca Fattorini (Eugenio Macchia Trio, Rosario Giuliani) on double bass and

Marco Valeri (Alice Ricciardi, Riccardo Fassi Quartet) takes his place again

on drums.  The collective does also see the welcome inclusion of vibraphonist

Andrea Biondi who provides a wonderfully warm and exciting dynamic to the

groundwork laid out by this album's predecessor.  The album starts with the

 sublime 'Julaya', with Biondi making his mark early amongst the incredible talent

 on display here, before moving to another of the album's strong highlights in 'Apoalypto'. 
The album's inlay card outlines more specifically the very timely message behind

the music with the project seeking to serve as something of a warning and in turn

raise awareness to the dangers of increasing levels of plastic found in the oceans. 

 The album's title itself referencing the effect plastic toxins have specifically on humans.
A.MA Records boast an impressive roster of artists and musicians but 'Plastic

Estrogenus' genuinely has to rank highly amongst their fantastic catalogue. 

 Always seemingly on the hunt for new projects, we look forward to seeing where

 inspiration takes Vigliar next.



Track List



Plastic Estrogenus


Taxi Stereo




Gianluca Vigliar         Tenor Sax

Francesco Fratini       Trumpet

Andrea Biondi            Vibes

Luca Fattorini             Double Bass

Marco Valeri               Drums


Recording Data

Recorded at "Recording Studio La Strada" Rome - January 2019


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