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Artist: Antonio Trinchera     Album: Fauves     Label: A.MA Records A.MA Edizioni     Code:


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  • Created on : 20 September 2022

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  • From: A.MA Records A.MA Edizioni

Press Release

Guitarist Antonio Trinchera's Fauves fuses his twin musical passions of Jazz and Electronica in an album which takes as its theme the manifesto of the French 19th Century Fauvism art movement. Just as the Fauves painters were characterised by their use of colour as a means of representing emotion Antonio layers meaning into his tracks by combining electronica with Jazz, pop and poly-rhythms; combining complexity with simplicity to create an emotional and musical fusion. From his Jazz album Next Move, released on A.MA Records in 2016, and his experimental Electronica releases on the label with his Bitmap Crew project, Antonio Trinchera has always had a foot in both of these expressive forms of music.  It is on Fauves that we get to enjoy the bright hues of electronics combined with harmonic melodies supported by a tireless rhythm and groove. Joined by Dony Valentino on Electric Violin (with whom Antonio composed five of the tracks on the album), Camillo Pace on Double Bass, Alessio Santoro and Leo Consoli on Drums Fauves transports us into a soundscape and a colour filled world with no barriers.  Let us go there and enjoy.


Track List


Bug Night

Sure Like This


It's Gonna Be Allright

Two For The Light

Woman's Dream

Three For The Night

The Tractor And The Child 


Antonio Trinchera Guitar, Programming

Dony Valentino Piano, Electric Piano, Violin

Alessio Santoro Drums, Percussions

Camillo Pace Double Bass

Leo Consoli Drums 


Recording Data

Recorded at A.MA Records Studio Summer 2022

Sound Engineer Tullio Ciriello

Executive Producer Antonio Martino 

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