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Artist: Marco Castelli & New Organ Trio     Album: Space Age     Label: Caligola Records     Code: Caligola 2303

Space Age

  • Space Age

  • Marco Castelli & New Organ Trio

  • 19 November 2021

  • Caligola 2303

  • 8033433293031

  • Digital, Jazzos, Caligola Records

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  • Created on : 24 October 2021

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  • From: Caligola Records

Press Release

In his twentieth album as leader (the third one through Caligola) Marco Castelli leads a classic Hammond trio, a group that, despite being quite common in modern jazz, sounds definitely original and innovative: in fact, it was named New Organ Trio. Here Castelli’s jazz, infused with spicy aromas that go from ska to reggae, from afro–jazz to Latin music, doesn’t hesitate to use electronics when it’s needed. It is a fascinating mix which makes the Venetian saxophonist’s music even more energetic and captivating, without taking away its elegance; a contagious energy that carries us away ever since Space Age, the explosive, opening title-track. The album has compositions by the leader – some of which can be found in previous records, like Zanzibar and Bandando – and other authors much different from each other. We go from Duke Ellington and Abdullah Ibrahim to the Mexican composer Armando Manzanero or to our Renato Carosone and Giuseppe Verdi, whose aria Morrò, ma prima in grazia, taken from the opera «Un ballo in maschera», is reinterpreted in a reggae style. Marco Castelli, whose deep saxophone is among the few reminding us of Gato Barbieri’s roaring one nowadays, is backed in the best possible way by two partners who are younger, but gifted with much personality: Matteo Alfonso, a Venetian too – whose talent as organist was unknown to us – and Marco Vattovani from Trieste, whose drumming is throbbing, precise, definitely at ease in this bass–less group. The album was recorded during the pandemic, therefore long–distance, but the unity and interplay showed by the trio doesn’t suggest it. The leader wrote in the liner notes that “it’s always the Space Age in the end. From Galileo to Salgari, from Apollo 11 to Perseverance, the drive to imagine or explore other places within reality has always been a necessity...”. The same principle applies to music and «Space Age» is here to prove it.




Track List

1) Space Age (M.Castelli)
2) Good Weather (M.Castelli)

3) Zanzibar (M.Castelli)
4) Morrò, ma prima in grazia (G.Verdi)
5) Tu vuò fa l’americano (R.Carosone)
6) Bandando (M.Castelli)

7) Farvuoto (M.Castelli)

8) African Marketplace (A.Ibrahim)
9) In a Sentimental Mood (D.Ellington)


Marco Castelli (tenor and soprano sax)
Matteo Alfonso (Hammond organ)
Marco Vattovani (drums, percussion)

Recording Data

Recorded and mixed at Bunker Studio, Trieste, between 2020 and 2021, by Marco Vattovani; mastered in Trieste, during Summer 2021, by Nicola Ardessi.

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