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Artist: Paolo Profeti European Collective     Album: Healing Dance (single)     Label: Tosky Records     Code: TSK033

Healing Dance (single)

  • Healing Dance (single)

  • Paolo Profeti European Collective

  • 01 March 2024

  • TSK033

  • 198015735243

  • Tosky Records

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  • Created on : 19 February 2024

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  • From: Tosky Records

Press Release

Healing Dance (single album)
Paolo Profeti European Collective  | Tosky Records®

RELEASED march 1st, 2024

Introducing “Healing Dance” a standout track from Paolo Profeti European Collective’s third album “Peer Out” symbolizing rebirth and healing through a ritual dance. This piece showcases the ensemble’s innovative fusion of contemporary jazz, enhanced by Profeti’s alto sax and flute, and enriched by the unique contributions of guests including Ana Ularu’s evocative spoken word.

“Healing Dance” is an invitation to immerse in a musical journey that promotes introspection and catharsis. The synergy of Siegmar Brecher on bass clarinet, Michele Bonifati on guitar, Giacomo Papetti on bass, and Alessandro Rossi on drums, along with special guests, adds depth to the track. This single reflects the album’s theme of overcoming societal challenges and embracing change, highlighting music’s role as a catalyst for awareness and positive transformation. “Healing Dance” is not just a song, but a call to find our own path of liberation and hope through the power of music.

Track List

1. Healing Dance (P.Profeti)


Paolo Profeti European Collective

Paolo Profeti (alto sax & flute, compositions, arrangements)
Siegmar Brecher (bass clarinet)
Michele Bonifati (guitar)
Giacomo Papetti (bass)
Alessandro Rossi (drums)

Recording Data

Original music composed by Paolo Profeti
Produced by Giorgio Lovecchio – Published by Tosky Records® (2024)
Recorded by Ieronim Pogorilovschi at StartRec Studios (May 8-9-10th, 2023)
Mixed by by Ieronim Pogorilovschi at StartRec Studios (July 10-16th, 2023)
Mastered by by Ieronim Pogorilovschi at StartRec Studios (September 25-29th, 2023)
Cover Art Design: Giorgio Lovecchio
Photo: Khmara Maksym
Video: Massimiliano Nardulli, Iulia Rugina, Khmara Maksym

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