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Artist: Stefano Onorati & Fulvio Sigurtà     Album: Extended Singularity     Label: Caligola Records     Code: Caligola 2346

Extended Singularity

  • Extended Singularity

  • Stefano Onorati & Fulvio Sigurtà

  • 23 February 2024

  • Caligola 2346

  • 8033433293468

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  • Created on : 07 February 2024

  • Total songs : 9

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  • From: Caligola Records

Press Release

Born four years ago as an extension of the duo formed by Fulvio Sigurtà and Stefano Onorati (Singularity), the quartet completed by Gabriele Evangelista and Alessandro Paternesi carries out in the best way a long gestation, not without difficulties, but in the end extremely profitable if these are the results. There is a historical album by Don Cherry that in the title expresses in the best way the philosophy that guides the musical choices of the quartet: "Complete Communion". In jazz, this positive synergy is usually defined as "interplay". All four musicians of “Extended Singularity” are prominent exponents of Italian jazz, have a more or less long professional and artistic path behind, and yet in this case each one gives up a part of his own personality to put himself at the service of the collective. The nine tracks brought to the recording studio - seven by Onorati and two by Sigurtà - are the result of a long-term and patient work of imperceptible finishes developed progressive, continuous retouches. It is really difficult to draw up a ranking, all, from any point you want to examine them, has many reasons of interest, from the hypnotic rhythmic pace of Thrills to the abstract and lunar A Moment and Then, from the lyrical Parallel Dimension to the intimate, almost classic, First Scene. We come to the rescue at this point the short but heartfelt and sincere liner notes by Enrico Rava: I took just a few seconds for me to be captured by this beautiful music. Four extraordinary musicians who express their pleasure in playing together. Absolute concentration that never surrenders. Sublime moments where everyone gives and receives what they need...”


Track List

1) A Moment and Then (S.Onorati)
2) Quintessence (S.Onorati)
3) Thrills (S.Onorati)
4) Oslo Twilight (S.Onorati)
5) Parallel Dimension (S.Onorati)
6) Swami (F.Sigurtà)
7) Out of the Blue (S.Onorati)
8) Nighthawks (S.Onorati)
9) First Scene (F.Sigurtà)




Fulvio Sigurtà (trumpet, flugelhorn)
Stefano Onorati (piano)
Gabriele Evangelista (double bass)
Alessandro Paternesi (drums)

Recording Data

Recorded at Cicaleto Recording Studio, Arezzo, in April 2023; mixed and mastered at Studio della Giraffa, Cagliari, in December 2023.
Sound engineer: Marti Jane Robertson



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