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Artist: Giovanni Francesca     Album: Genesi     Label: Auand     Code: AU9027


  • Genesi

  • Giovanni Francesca

  • 15 January 2012

  • AU9027

  • 8031697902720

  • Digital, Jazzos, Auand

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  • Total views : 7892

  • Today views : 2

  • Created on : 21 December 2011

  • Total songs : 10

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  • From: Auand

Press Release

Melody under the spotlight, Radiohead on the background, improvisation all around. Giovanni Francesca’s music in his debut album as a leader blends rock and strings, electronics and Italian roots with an invisible thread bringing out living colors. In “Genesi” – out on January 2012 for Auand Records – the Italian guitar player has been working on polish compositions and arrangements, anaging to reach very complex orchestration without leaving the melody aside, which is the true strenght of this work.
One of Giovanni Francesca’s hallmarks is his flowing sound, enriched with countless details that you iscover track by track, hiding in “Manima”, “Carillon” (a song that refers to many important facts of contemporary history) or in “Genesi” itself, featuring its demure Christmas atmosphere, where lights can be seen shining in the distance. The strain in “Risveglio” melts on the string notes and lets the ouble bass in; the dark and hurting sound of “Possiamo andare” contrasts to the free, easy funky mood of “Paesìa” and to the peaceful “Marisol”.
Every musician in this work helps identifying the real nature of “Genesi”. Raffaele Tiso’s violin, deeply connected to chamber music, can open up on an expanding sound. Besides the rhythm section (Marco Bardoscia on double bass and Gianluca Brugnano on drums), there’s plenty of Italian musicians peeping out on most of the ten tracks. Ranging from Luca Aquino and Alessandro Tedesco (playing together on the titletrack), to cellist Cristiano Della Corte, and both electric bass players Davide Costagliola and Davide Miranda. Antonello Rapuano on piano and Stefano Costanzo on drums complete the band.
A bold and honest work where improvisation, psychedelic sounds and Mediterranean roots foster together to reach very distant places, without ceremony.

Track List

1. Carillon 5.16
2. Risveglio 4.49
3. Genesi 4.53
4. Possiamo Andare 5.07
5. Manima 5.13
6. Marisol 4.16
7. Paesìa 4.01
8. Montevideo 4.28
9. Iter 5.51
10. Quarto Miglio 4.01


Giovanni Francesca (guitar)
Raffaele Tiseo (violin)
Marco Bardoscia (double bass)
Gianluca Brugnano (drums)

Recording Data

Arrangements, computer programming and live lectronics: Giovanni Francesca (trombone background on “Genesi”: Alessandro Tedesco)
Producer: Giovanni Francesca
Executive Producer: Marco Valente
Recorded in Benevento (August 2009) by Luca Frusciante (* recorded in Varcaturo, NA, May 2010 by Lello De Luca)
Mixing and mastering: Luca Bulgarelli
Cover: Giovanni Santarelli
Inside images: interne: Vincenzo Cillo
Cover design: Gaetano Cerrato

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