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Artist: Romane & Daniel John Martin     Album: Rendez-Vous     Label: Tosky Records     Code: TSK029


  • Rendez-Vous

  • Romane & Daniel John Martin

  • 28 May 2019

  • TSK029

  • 0194171052262

  • Jazzos, Tosky Records

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  • Created on : 25 May 2019

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  • From: Tosky Records

Press Release

Daniel John Martin and Romane share their mutual passion for the Django Reinhardt and Stéphane Grappelli period in this new opus. Their aim was to bring out the typical Parisian «French touch» in this acoustic jazz string music yet without going into any imitation. Ten original songs, one cover by Didier Lockwood plus one bonus track with a camera ensemble.

The name “Romane” pops up immediately whenever a discussion sets on jazz guitar in the style of Django Reinhardt. Romane was one of the first artists to bring the style back into popularity in the early 90’s. Not only is he one of the greatest guitarists in the style, he is also a brilliant composer who is often played by the younger generations. Son and grandson of guitarists he is the recepient of many of the major prizes (Sacem, Prix Django Reinhardt, etc.). He has been invited to play around the globe and has recorded countless records and played alongside many of the major guitarists of our time! Daniel John Martin is an Anglo-French jazz violinist who was born in Congleton near Manchester in the UK. After spending most of his childhood in Africa, especially South Africa where he lived ten years, he came to France where he continued to study music in the Parisian conservatoire de musique. He soon met up with Jazz and his encounter with Didier Lockwood, with whom he recorded and toured, set him on to a career dedicated to jazz. Today he is a renowned violinist on the Parisian “gypsy jazz” scene and tours the world as a leader or playing alongside the great manouche guitarists.

Track List

1. Retour a Montmartre (D.J. Martin)
2. La Danse De Chopin (D.J. Martin)
3. Another You (D.J. Martin)
4. Rendez-Vous (D.J. Martin)
5. Cher Rocky (D.J. Martin)
6. Martinique (D. Lockwood)
7. Le Bandit Manchot (D.J. Martin)
8. Rue des Abbesses (D.J. Martin)
9. For Didier (D.J. Martin)
10. La Sausse (D.J. Martin)
11. Wiz Kid (D.J. Martin)
12. Quatuor Nuages (bonus track)  (D. Reinhardt)


Music composed by Daniel John Martin except for track n.6,12
Arranged by Romane and Daniel John Martin
Produced by Giorgio Lovecchio and Davide Belcastro
Published by Tosky Records® (2019)
Recorded by Bar Zalel at studio Le Pressoir on March 5-6th, 2018
Mixed by Rémy Chaudagne and D.J. Martin
at studio Chaudagne (Paris) on July 16th, 2018
Mastered by Stefano Isola, Giorgio Lovecchio, Davide Belcastro
at Arcipelago Studio (Rome) on January 19th, 2019
Photos by Laurent Zeller
Booklet Design by Giorgio Lovecchio

Recording Data

Recorded by Bar Zalel at studio Le Pressoir on March 5-6th, 2018

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