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Artist: Ananda Gari     Album: T-Duality     Label: Auand     Code: AU9041


  • T-Duality

  • Ananda Gari

  • 20 October 2014

  • AU9041

  • 8031697904120

  • Digital, Jazzos, Auand

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  • Created on : 20 August 2014

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  • From: Auand

Press Release

“T - Duality” is a symmetry of quantum field theories related to the string theory (that predicts the existence of extra dimensions in addition to the usual three space and single time) that allows to erase the differences between small and large distances and compresses all the extra dimensions of the strings.

Relating to this concept, the entire album looks for a balance between composition and free improvisation and every tune is an opportunity to create a strong and deep interaction between the musicians, their notes, sounds and thoughts.

Ananda Gari is a young italian drummer and composer. From a very early age Ananda Gari comes to understand the importance of writing his own mu-sic and explore new ways to express his personality. His progression as a composer is highlighted on two different recordings released as a co-leader: Govinda+Ananda Gari “INCIPIT” with Mark Turner and Fool Circle “MOVING THOUGHTS” with italian pianist and ECM Artist Stefano Battaglia.

His new record, entitled “T-Duality” featuring saxophonist Tim Berne, guitarist Rez Abbasi and bassist Michael Formanek, represents the result of all his past studying and performing experiences; it clearly shows his deep interest in free improvisation, avant-garde music and complex rhythmic approaches.

He has performed and recorded with many great musicians such as Mark Turner, Aruan Ortiz, Miles Okazaki, Rez Abbasi, Stefano Battaglia, Tim Berne, Michael Formanek, Mike Melillo, Gianni Lenoci, Fabio Zeppetella.

Track List

01 Trucks
02 Never Late
03 Are You Kidding Me? Intro
04 Are You Kidding Me?
05 Fields
06 Last Drops
07 Don't Forget To Pet Your Cat


Tim Berne alto sax
Rez Abbasi guitar
Michael Formanek double bass
Ananda Gari drums

Recording Data

Produced by Ananda Gari
Executive Producer: Marco Valente
Recording: Acoustic Recording Studio, Brooklyn - USA
Engineer: Michael Brorby
Cover Photo: Dino Musci

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