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Artist: Minimal Klezmer     Album: Minimal Klezmer     Label: Caligola Records     Code: Caligola Dig 5009

Minimal Klezmer

  • Minimal Klezmer

  • Minimal Klezmer

  • 15 September 2023

  • Caligola Dig 5009

  • 8033433285097

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  • Created on : 04 September 2023

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  • From: Caligola Records

Press Release

This is the debut album of Minimal Klezmer, an original klezmer band born as a trio, without Luca Piovesan, in London in 2011. Two of the three founders of the band, Francesco Socal and Roberto Durante, are still stable members of Minimal Klezmer. The repertoire was then composed exclusively of Yiddish traditional songs, but faced with great freshness and originality.
Although it is now more than ten years old, the album had never been released before on digital platforms: the gap was finally filled thanks to an agreement between the two founding members of Minimal Klezmer and Caligola Records. The band wrote in the liner notes of the album, now out of print: “An assortment of traditional klezmer tunes, served acoustically in improvisation sauce. We recommend our potpourri of East European caramelized melodies with baroque mustard, our special rolls a la Naftule served with wild gypsy tritons on a bed of ancient boiled rhythms, and finally our selection of giant breaded dissonant clusters submerged in fried free–jazz ice cream”.



Track List

01) A Mitzve-tenzl
02) Old Bulgar
03) Doina in B
04) Galician Sher
05) Tanz Tanz Yoshke
06) Shtiler Bulgar
07) Szàszrégen
08) Ukrainer Kuhsidl
09) Firn di Mekhutonim Aheym
10) Unzer Toirere – Taxim (medley)
11) Orientalishe Motive
12) Old Time Sirba
13) Free–vezile
14) Hopkele

All traditional songs


Francesco Socal (clarinets, vocals)
Roberto Durante (keyboards)
Luca Piovesan (accordion)
Martin Teshome (cello)

Recording Data

Recorded and mastered in June 2012 at BlowOutStudio, Preganziol (Treviso), by Luca Piovesan; editing by Minimal Klezmer


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