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Artist: Patrizia Valduga & Daniele di Bonaventura     Album: Uno strato di buio uno di luce     Label: Caligola Records     Code: Gutenberg 3026

Uno strato di buio uno di luce

  • Uno strato di buio uno di luce

  • Patrizia Valduga & Daniele di Bonaventura

  • 01 September 2023

  • Gutenberg 3026

  • 80334330269

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  • Created on : 18 August 2023

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  • From: Caligola Records

Press Release

The Caligola association has been organizing events for over 40 years, especially in the Venetian area. However, it happens that in the midst of more than a thousand evenings there are some that more than others remain impressed in our memory. One of these is the one that saw the first meeting between the poet Patrizia Valduga, one of the leading exponents of Italian poetry, and the bandoneonist Daniele di Bonaventura, jazzmen of European fame. The show was part of the fifth edition of Mirano Oltre, a festival that deals with the relationship between words and music. Every time we listened to that recording, fortuitously captured by the mixer in that magical night, we were enchanted. Ten years later, after obtaining the approval of Einaudi – the publisher of «Donna di dolori»,  the book from which that reading had been taken – and the two artists, we decided to release this live album, so that all fans of music and poetry can enjoy it. A dream finally came true.

Track List

1) E così sia (D.di Bonaventura)
2) Donna di dolori I (P.Valduga)
3) Per bisogno d’amore (D.di Bonaventura)
4) Donna di dolori II (P.Valduga)
5) Nera notte (D.di Bonaventura)
6) Donna di dolori III (P.Valduga)

Tracks n. 2/4/6: lyrics by Patrizia Valduga, selected from “Donna di dolori” (1991), courtesy of Giulio Einaudi Editore


Patrizia Valduga (voice)
Daniele di Buonaventura (bandoneon)

Recording Data

Live recorded on 12th July 2013 at Calle Ghirardi, Mirano (Venezia), by Luigi Rossi; edited and mastered in November 2022 at Nufabric Studio, Fermo, Italy, by Daniele “Jack” Rossi and Daniele di Bonaventura.

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