Artist: Stefano Onorati & Marco Tamburini     Album: East of the Moon     Label: Caligola Records     Code: Caligola 2325

East of the Moon

  • East of the Moon

  • Stefano Onorati & Marco Tamburini

  • 07 April 2023

  • Caligola 2325

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  • Created on : 18 March 2023

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Press Release

The search for unpublished recordings by the never forgotten trumpeter Marco Tamburini, who died prematurely in 2015, continues. After the discovery of «Red» by Three Lower Colours, the pianist of the band, Stefano Onorati, discovered these precious tapes recorded one night in duo with Tamburini without drummer Stefano Paolini. This magic and lunar music, very free, will be for many, even those who thought to know Marco, a real surprise. This is Onorati’s memory of that magical night: “Plenty of time has gone by since this record, but the years that separate us from Marco’s passing are even more. We recorded these tracks on one of those nights we used to spend at his studio. That time the excuse was the scoring of a movie but, after a long dinner, a few glasses of good wine and a chat, we headed to the studio to improvise without saying anything to each other, nor setting a goal, but just for the sake of it”.


Track List

1) Cantico
2) Lunar Eclipse
3) Black and White
4) East of the Moon
5) As It Was

All compositions by Stefano Onorati and Marco Tamburini


Marco Tamburini (trumpet, live electronics)
Stefano Onorati (keyboards, live electronics)

Recording Data

Recorded in March 2010 at Simple Sound Studio, Castel Maggiore (Bologna), by Stefano Onorati and Marco Tamburini; mixed in September 2022 at SOP Studio by Stefano Onorati; analog mastered in November 2022 at Digitalsound Studio by Walter Bertolo.

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