Artist: Roberto De Nittis     Album: Maè     Label: Caligola Records     Code: Caligola 2327


  • Maè

  • Roberto De Nittis

  • 10 March 2023

  • Caligola 2327

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  • Created on : 15 February 2023

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Press Release

«Maè» is the second album as leader by the pianist Roberto De Nittis, from Foggia, more than three years after «Dada». But this is also, like «Dada», an original and ambitious project. There De Nittis had used only toy instruments, but here he shows up with his trio accompanied by a symphony orchestra, the youth of the Conservatory Umberto Giordano, in Foggia. It’s a project of contamination between classical music and jazz on which the pianist has been working for many years, and even the music has been composed over time, was prepared with appropriate arrangements for this special occasion, that allowed him to record for three days, before making a concert, with the Orchestra Sinfonica Young of the conservatory of his hometown. The genesis of «Maè» traces back to the roots of Roberto De Nittis, who now lives in Rovigo. From the question “What emotions would Umberto Giordano feel if he went back to his hometown today?” nine images resulted that represent people and situations which bind the famed composer, whose life spanned the late 19th and early 20th centuries, with Foggia – both directly and indirectly. The combination of the classical ensemble and jazz trio mirrors the career of De Nittis, who is both composer and interpreter on this album, and it also embodies the fusion of styles you can find in Foggia itself on a historical, artistic and social perspective. The listener is accompanied on a musical journey whose main character is Umberto Giordano. Through nine original tracks reflecting as many images, the listener experiences an ambiance and memories which are the fruit of the composer’s own interpretation. The tunes Bancarelle, Struscio, La Banda Colta and La Ballata di Giordano are strongly connected with Foggia and evoke local traditions or places in the city. Madia, Don Gaetano, Umbè and Napoletana describe Giordano’s family life and emotions, while the title track Maè, short for Maestro, is a sort of portrait of Giordano while he relishes his past life and is aware of his being spirit by now, and no longer matter.


Track List

01) La Banda Colta
02) La Ballada di Giordano

03) Bancarelle

04) Madia

05) Don Gaetano

06) Umbè

07) Maè

08) Struscio

09) Napoletana

10) Oneiroi

All music composed and arranged by Roberto De Nittis


Roberto De Nittis (Steinway & Sons D274 piano, toy piano)
Riccardo Di Vinci (double bass)
Marco Soldà (drums)
Orchestra Sinfonica Young of Conservatory Umberto Giordano
Andrea Palmacci (conductor)
Francesco Pio Russo bassoon’s solo on track 5

special guest
Zoe Pia (clarinet) on track 9

Recording Data

Live recorded on 28th, 29th and 30th June 2022 at Auditorium of Conservatory Umberto Giordano, Foggia, Italy; recording and mixing by Lorenzo Sementili; mastering by Tommy Bianchi.



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