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Artist: Francesca Bertazzo Hart, Michele Francesconi & New Project Orchestra     Album: Playing with Jimmy     Label: Caligola Records     Code: Caligola 2319

Playing with Jimmy

  • Playing with Jimmy

  • Francesca Bertazzo Hart, Michele Francesconi & New Project Orchestra

  • 09 December 2022

  • Caligola 2319

  • 8033433293192

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  • Created on : 26 November 2022

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  • From: Caligola Records

Press Release

Francesca Bertazzo Hart’s third release on Caligola Records is a concept album: it's a sincere, refined and original tribute to the songs of Jimmy Van Heusen. When talking about “songbook“, the divine Ella Fitzgerald immediately comes to mind, who during her brilliant career, has paid homage with nine albums to as many famous songwriters, from Gershwin to Kern, from Porter to Jobim. However the name of Van Heusen does not appear in this list, although he was given jazz a large number of standards. To fill this gap comes «Playing with Jimmy», which strikes from the first listening for its enchanting and refined beauty. Francesca says about this recording session: “I have always felt in great harmony with Van Heusen's music, which is why his songs have always found a place in my repertoire. If we exclude a brief collaboration with the lyricist Eddie DeLange, his work as a composer can be divided into two macro moments: the first saw him alongside with Johnny Burke, the second with Sammy Cahn. They were both prolific and artistically significant periods. It is no coincidence that, of the thirteen songs on the album, five have lyrics by Cahn, four by Burke, one each by DeLange and Johnny Mercer, while two are my personal tributes to his music…”.


Track List

01) I Thought About You (J.Van Heusen, J.Mercer)
02) Like Someone in Love (J.Van Heusen, J.Burke)
03) Come Fly with Me (J.Van Heusen, S.Cahn)
04) Here’s That Rainy Day (J.Van Heusen, J.Burke)
05) Darn That Dream (J.Van Heusen, E.DeLange)
06) All the Way (J.Van Heusen, S.Cahn)
07) It Could Happen To You (J.Van Heusen, J.Burke) – Fried
       Bananas (D.Gordon) medley
08) Playing with Jimmy (F.Bertazzo Hart)
09) Another Blues for Jimmy (F.Bertazzo Hart)
10) The Second Time Aroung (J.Van Heusen, S.Cahn)
11) All My Tomorrows (J.Van Heusen, S.Cahn)
12) But Beautiful (J.Van Heusen, J.Burke)
13) Call Me Irresponsible (J.Van Heusen, S.Cahn)

All arrangements by Michele Francesconi and Francesca Bertazzo Hart


Francesca Bertazzo Hart (vocals, guitar)
Michele Francesconi (piano, conduction)
Paolo Trettel (trumpet, flugelhorn)
Gigi Grata (trombone)
Stefano Menato (alto sax, clarinet)
Fiorenzo Zeni (tenor sax)
Giorgio Beberi (baritone sax, bass clarinet)
Beppe Pilotto (double bass, electric bass)
Mauro Beggio (drums)


Recording Data

Recorded on 11/12/13 March 2022, mixed and mastered in April and May 2022, by Carlo Cantini at Digitube Recording Studio, Mantova, Italy



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