Artist: Boz Trio     Album: Pastis     Label: Tosky Records     Code: TSK032


  • Pastis

  • Boz Trio

  • 13 January 2023

  • TSK032

  • 198004310598

  • Tosky Records

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  • Created on : 21 November 2022

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  • From: Tosky Records

Press Release

Pastis (Album). Boz Trio is an ensemble of five musicians specializing in the repertoire of traditional Yiddish and Eastern European music. It was born in December 2011 as a group made up of three people from different musical backgrounds with a great passion for popular music in common; over the years of activity, the starting trio has assimilated other components up to the current team that since 2016 has brought its own musical message with a decisive charisma. Since the beginning, the spirit of the group has been to maintain a strong heterogeneity, in order to musically recreate different musical traditions that have always been connected: Klezmer, Gypsy, Balkan and Greek music find themselves living together as in a multi-ethnic neighborhood of a big city , giving life to a lively and colorful cosmos. The concerts of the Boz Trio find space in the most disparate contexts: the exuberant and hyperbolic character of popular music animates a suitable show to different realities: from the big stages of a summer festival, to the stage of a theater, to farmhouses and historic houses without forgetting the streets of all of Europe on busking tours.

Track List

1.  Bessarabian Hora 
2.  Gankino Horo
3.  Gipsy!
4.  Hungarian Medley
5.  Yiddishe Mame
6.  Hora Staccato
7.  Tanz, Tanz Yedelekh
8.  Naftules Milonga
9.  Dudaim Mit Freilach
10.  Marijana


Rouben Vitali (clarinet, alto sax)
Simone Draetta (violin)
Davide Longoni (guitar)
Luca Pedeferri (accordeon)
Alberto Capsoni (double bass)

Recording Data

Music and arrangements by Boz Trio
Produced by Boz Trio & Tosky Records (2022) - Published by Tosky Records® (2023)
Recorded by Attila Faravelli at Salo ', December 19th, 2019
Mixed by Attila Faravelli on 20 July 2020
Mastered by Davide Lopngoni, Giorgio Lovecchio (Rome) on November 20th, 2022
Cover Art Design by Giulio Pierrottet

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