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Artist: Beppe Costantini     Album: A posto così     Label: Caligola Records     Code: Gutenberg 3023

A posto così

  • A posto così

  • Beppe Costantini

  • 21 October 2022

  • Gutenberg 3023

  • 8033433290238

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  • Created on : 06 October 2022

  • Total songs : 10

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  • From: Caligola Records

Press Release

For at least thirty years Beppe Costantini, born in 1959, has been a constant and precious presence on the Venetian music scene, a flutist as talented as he is open and transversal - virtues so rare in times when it prevails instead, also in music, the exasperated specialization - able to pass with authority and ease from classical to Brazilian music (Rosa Emilia Dias), from the most refined pop to quality song. After a long list of collaborations, he can finally show to a wider audience his uncommon musical qualities with the first record as leader. "A posto così" is a mature solo work, long–awaited as meticulously prepared. If they were well known, especially among musicians, his skills as an extraordinary flautist, someone will be surprised to discover his uncommon talent as composer and arranger, as well as versatile and prepared multi–instrumentalist. Without using large means and excessively expanded formations, Costantini has managed to confer to the ten tunes, including two songs - all of his own composition except for the delightful initial "danzón", signed by the Puerto Rican pianist Oscar Hernández; - a suggestive orchestral breath. Accompanied by excellent fellow, including drummer Davide Ragazzoni (the only musician present in all the tracks, in addition to the leader of course), and the friend–guitarist, as he loves Latin American music, Stefano Scutari.

Track List

01) Danzón for My Father (*)
02) Grazie J.
03) A posto così

04) Bossa Rossa
05) Rosa

06) Cannaregio
07) Adios

08) Tristemente allegro
09) Parco Navagero

10) Mesole

All tunes are composed by Giuseppe Costantini, except (*) Danzón for My Father, by Oscar Hernández


Beppe Costantini (flutes, electric bass, guitars)
Davide Ragazzoni (drums)
Adelia Ivonne Colombo (french horn) on tracks n° 1/4/5/7/9
Stefano Scutari (acoustic guitar) on tracks n° 3/8/9
Francesco Carlon (piano) on tracks n° 4/5/6
Lica Cecato e Alessandro Tosi (vocals) on tracks n° 3/9/10
Pietro Costantini e Rossella Mazzocchelli (violin), Luca Penzo (viola), Alise Stiffoni (cello) on tracks n° 5/7/9/10

Recording Data

Recorded, mixed and mastered in 2022 at Waterland Studio Venice, Venezia, by Cristiano Verardo; assistant Nicola Costantini.

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