Artist: Francesco Branciamore     Album: Skies of Sea     Label: Caligola Records     Code: Caligola 2309

Skies of Sea

  • Skies of Sea

  • Francesco Branciamore

  • 29 April 2022

  • Caligola 2309

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Press Release

Recorded three years after «Aspiciens Pulchritudinem», his first piano solo album, this new «Skies of Sea» shows the remarkable progress made in this period of time by the musician of Syracuse, both in instrumental technique and in the expressive language. If one remembers Francesco Branciamore as drummer and Perfect Quintet leader in «Keep up the dialogue», these two albums will certainly surprise them. But the reaction will be softened when one thinks about him as the composer–arranger of «Remembering B.E.», a record where he doesn’t play any instrument but pays homage to Bill Evans by conducting a chamber sextet without percussion instruments. From this album to «Skies of Sea», another important stage in the growth of Branciamore as a pianist, the gap is less wide than one would think at first. “I switched to the piano because I have always used it to compose. After years spent playing my beloved drums, I needed a turning point and the instrument I had in my hand was the piano...”.


Track List

01) Skies of Sea
02) New Directions
03) So Infinity

04) One More Please
05) Deep Inside
06) Sobral
07) A Prayer for Chick

08) Five Quarter of Moonlight
09) Soul Touch

10) 5.4.2020
11) Danzon

12) The Remaining Time
13) No Man's Land 

14) With Eyes on the Sky

All compositions by Francesco Branciamore


Francesco Branciamore (piano)

Francesco Branciamore plays a Steinway & Sons piano, model D274, prepared by Lorenzo Jacolano Spagna


Recording Data

Recorded and mixed on 13th and 14th November 2021, at La Gi.A.R.A. Musicale Studio, Modica (Ragusa), Italy, by Gianluca Abbate

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