Artist: Angela Milanese     Album: Racconto italiano     Label: Caligola Records     Code: Caligola 2299

Racconto italiano

  • Racconto italiano

  • Angela Milanese

  • 29 October 2021

  • Caligola 2299

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  • Digital, Jazzos, Caligola Records

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  • Created on : 05 February 2022

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Press Release

«Racconto italiano» is a fascinating journey through some gems of the Italian song in jazz. The melodies of more and less popular tunes rediscover their emotional strength and disclose new and unexpected interpretations thanks to their refined arrangements. Behind those songs we discover stories to tell in a vibrant concert which retraces the history of Twentieth Century Italy. It’s been a few years since Angela Milanese started working on this repertoire with the same musicians and their performances are always received with critical acclaim by an audience which is not made by jazz fans only. «Racconto Italiano» does takes a look at our past (Ma le gambe is a 1938 song, Rosalina is a 1984 song) but with a contemporary stylistic perspective and the awareness that songs, with their ability to unveil human feelings, can often tell more than history textbooks. The good quality of a successful 2019 concert’s recording tape pushed the Venetian singer to release this “live” album and turn down the already scheduled studio session, which never could have restored the spontaneity and emotion of a performance to listen to in one breath, from beginning to end. Are maybe the songs you wouldn’t expect – from Un’estate fa, properly chosen as opening theme, passing through Bellezze in bicicletta to get to Fabio Concato and Ivano Fossati – that bring out the enchanting, dense “lightness” of Milanese’s vocals. She’s accompanied by a marvelous jazz trio, especially by the ever polished, distinctive keyboards of Paolo Vianello, a long–time prominent figure of the Venetian jazz scene and here the one responsible for almost all the arrangements.



Track List

01) Un’estate fa (M.Fugain, F.Califano)
02) Ma che freddo fa (C.Mattone, F.Migliacci)

03) Domani è un altro giorno (J.Chesnut, G.Calabrese)

04) Ma le gambe (G.D’Anzi, A.Bracchi)
05) Bellezze in bicicletta (G.D’Anzi, M.Marchesi)
06) Ba ba baciami piccina (L.Astore, R.Morbelli)

07) Io che amo solo te (S.Endrigo)
08) La bicicletta (A.Milanese)
09) Rosalina (F.Concato)

10) La musica che gira intorno (I.Fossati)

All tunes arranged by Paolo Vianello except Ma che freddo fa by Edu Hebling and La bicicletta by Maurizio Nizzetto


Angela Milanese (vocals)
Paolo Vianello (piano, keyboards)
Alvise Seggi (double bass)

Luca Colussi (drums)


Recording Data

Live recorded on 23th May 2019 at Auditorium Candiani, Mestre (Venezia), by Tiziano Barattin; mixed and mastered in Spring 2021 at Magister Recording Area, Preganzion (Treviso), by Tiziano Barattin and Andrea Valfré.