Artist: Three Lower Colours     Album: Red (Early Recordings)     Label: Caligola Records     Code: Caligola 2294

Red (Early Recordings)

  • Red (Early Recordings)

  • Three Lower Colours

  • 16 July 2021

  • Caligola 2294

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  • Digital, Jazzos, Caligola Records

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Press Release

The “rediscovery” by Stefano Onorati of Three Lower Colours’ first recordings, made right after Stefano Paolini replaced Walter Paoli, is precious: here ends the path of Marco Tamburini’s Trio and there begins that of an equally talented group. Therefore they are important recordings that preceded both the soundtracks of Georges Méliès’ silent short film «Le Voyage dans la lune» and of Fred Niblo’s feature film «Blood and Sand» – both of them have been released only on Dvd – and the albums «First Take» and «Contemporaneo Immaginario» (the latest with Vertere String Quartet).
«Red» attests the birth of a trio which quickly proved its uncommon unity, originality and fantasy, being projected into the future unlike most Italian groups of that time. Here’s how critic Guido Festinese ends his fitting liner notes: “… In «Red» … you can already find a flickering, smart summary of the many impulses that were going through the minds, hearts and bodies of Tamburini, Onorati and Paolini. It is music inspired by the albums of the first and second electric Miles Davis, yet conveying that extra spacious melancholy and extreme elegance that Arve Henriksen and many Nordic sound researchers’ recordings are steeped in. A handful of hyphas even reach the unknown lands of a Jon Hassell, or brush some maps visited by Ibrahim Maalouf. Great jazz listens to and is listened to. And Marco Tamburini always had his senses on alert and a reactive mind”.
Each track would deserve a careful examination, both the original compositions and the personal interpretations of old and new standards, but what matters to us is at least high light the excellent and evocative passage from Angolo to Blue in Green, two performances sharing an extremely hypnotic, dreamy atmosphere. What is amazing is that the music recorded until now by Three Lower Colours, one of the most important groups led by Tamburini, barely covers two years. The hope cannot be but enjoying equally emotional ”rediscoveries” again soon.


Track List

1) Angolo (S.Onorati)
2) Blue in Green (Miles Davis, Bill Evans)
3) Gruvone (M.Tamburini)
4) Knives Out (Johnny Greenwood, Thom Yorke)
5) Naima (John Coltrane)
6) Relaxin’ at Home (S.Paolini)
7) Red Subway Sound (M.Tamburini, S.Onorati, S.Paolini)
8) TLC (M.Tamburini, S.Onorati)



Marco Tamburini (trumpet, flugelhorn, live electronics)
Stefano Onorati (keyboards, live electronics)
Stefano Paolini (drums, live electronics)


Recording Data

Recorded at Simple Sound Studio, Castelmaggiore (Bologna), in January 2009 by Marco Tamburini; mixed on 15th July 2009 by Gianluca Gadda; mastered at SOP Studio on 14th December 2020 by Stefano Onorati.




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