Artist: Flaviano Braga & Simone Mauri     Album: Ma però     Label: Caligola Records     Code: Caligola 2304

Ma però

  • Ma però

  • Flaviano Braga & Simone Mauri

  • 31 December 2021

  • Caligola 2304

  • 8033433293048

  • Digital, Jazzos, Caligola Records

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  • Created on : 26 November 2021

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  • From: Caligola Records

Press Release

Five years after «Speck & Zola», the long–awaited second album by the original duo consisting of accordionist Flaviano Braga and clarinetist Simone Mauri is out. If one cannot help thinking of the well–known duos Michel Portal–Richard Galliano and Gianluigi Trovesi–Gianni Coscia, the two jazz musicians from Como stand out from their distinguished colleagues because of Mauri’s exclusively playing bass clarinet and a richer, more evocative timber which allows them to encompass different genres, even rock and folk music, despite jazz improvisation remaining the base of their dialogue. Their bond having intensified and their repertoire, consisting mostly of original songs, being perfected, Braga and Mauri made an important step forward with «Ma Però». The opportunity arose from a live streaming in Mestre during lockdown last year, a day when the two musicians had time to rehearse the new compositions and play them in ideal conditions. To the six tracks played at Candiani and two songs recorded in studio were added as well as an involving medley, which surprisingly combined Madonna and Michael Jackson, recorded live a few years earlier. There’s never a drop in tension and the interplay between accordion and bass clarinet is magical at times. From the hypnotic, discontinued first and then pressing opening track Lucignolo we move smoothly to the tenderer, pensive In quota, almost a ballad, while tension rises again with Alturas, an old hit by Inti–Illimani. The tone of a dance imbued with folk can be found in Interlagos and Gajeco, the latter the only composition by Braga, but perhaps the title–track, which is divided in two parts, and the complex Cinquemmezza, which starts with a classical largo and then grows in intensity, are the tunes which best represent the enviable, subtle balance achieved by a duo whose members are definitely on the same level.

Track List

1) Lucignolo (Simone Mauri)
2) In quota (Simone Mauri)

3) Alturas (Horacio Salinas)
4) Ma però (Simone Mauri)

5) Interlagos (Simone Mauri)
6) Ma però (reprise)

7) Gajeco (Flaviano Braga)
8) Cinquemmezza (Simone Mauri)

9) Medley
    a. Material Girl (Peter Brown, Robert Rans)

    b. Beat It (Michael Jackson)


Flaviano Braga (accordion)
Simone Mauri (bass clarinet)

Recording Data

Recorded at Auditorium Candiani, Mestre (Venezia), on 2nd March 2021 by Luigi and Giulio Rossi; tracks 2 & 7 at L’Arte del Suono, Cantù (Como), on 27th April 2021, by Andrea Trapasso; track 9 “live” at Teatro Carducci, Como, on 5th December 2017 by Sergio Seregni (special thanks to Stefano Lamon); mixed by Andrea Trapasso and Simone Mauri in August 2021; analog remastering at Digitalsound Studio, Vedelago (Treviso), in November 2021 by Walter Bertolo.