Artist: Loris Deval & Bruno Martinetti     Album: Passi     Label: Caligola Records     Code: Caligola 2286


  • Passi

  • Loris Deval & Bruno Martinetti

  • 29 March 2021

  • Caligola 2286

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  • Digital, Jazzos, Caligola Records

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  • Created on : 21 September 2021

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Press Release

The line-up of «Passi» is originally a duo and sees, side by side, guitarist Loris Deval – he’s one of the few Italian jazzmen to use classical guitar – and trumpeter Bruno Martinetti creating a musical crossroads between Piedmont and Valle d’Aosta. And yet the duo becomes a quartet for half the album and a trio in the other half thanks to the priceless electric guitar of Maurizio Brunod (who also deals with electronics) – who arranged all the songs with Martinetti – and to Sabrina Oggero Viale’s young yet mature voice.
A few years ago Deval recorded an album for Dodicilune label as leader of Lorelei Quartet («Seta») and reached that important stage of his artistic career with plenty of ideas and much inspiration, which found an ideal partner in the trumpeter from Valle d’Aosta and expert as much as inventive finishing touches by Brunod. “The timbre combination of the quartet is suggestive: two string instruments, one acoustic and one electric, and two voices, one natural and a brass which intertwine as if they were hovering in the sky”, Daniela Floris writes in the liner notes.
The Roman critic and blogger then adds:“it is a sense of movement (towards a place? a sound? a non–place?) which is never interrupted, not even by unpredictable moments: an unexpected unison between trumpet and voice (Aleppo’s Dream), the propagation of electronic, almost lunar, effects on Brunod’s guitar (Andaluna), the funny games played by the voice while teasing the trumpet (or is it the other way around? Listen to Waltz for Joe), or that poignant initial moment, played in minor key by Deval’s guitar, which then melts into a light, cheerful bossa nova, like Indeciso, where Martinetti’s trumpet maintains perfect balance between yearning and happiness”.
Finally, what deserves a mention is the original interpretation of Katcharpari – with Sabrina Oggero Viale’s voice added – a sweet melody of the Inca–Peruvian tradition already played by Enrico Rava and title of his historic album of 1973. It is a fitting and moving tribute to a Master of Jazz, not only Italian.

Track List

1) Aleppo’s Dream (L.Deval, S.Oggero Viale)
2) L’indeciso (B.Martinetti)

3) Waltz for Joe (M.Brunod)

4) Katcharpari (traditional)

5) Two Weeks (B.Martinetti)

6) Aran # (L.Deval, S.Oggero Viale)

7) Passi (B.Martinetti, S.Oggero Viale)

8) Andaluna (L.Deval)

 Arrangements by Andrea Paganetto and Maurizio Brunod


Bruno Martinetti (trumpet, flugelhorn)
Loris Deval (classical guitar)
Maurizio Brunod (electric guitar, live sampling) – out non tracks 3/7

Sabrina Oggero Viale (vocals) – out on tracks 2/5

Recording Data

Recorded at Il Pollaio Recording Studio, Ronco Biellese (Biella), in July 2020, by Piergiorgio Miotto; mixed and mastered at Vercelli, in August 2020, by Enrico Caruso

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