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The trumpeter and composer Enrico Valanzuolo will release his debut album Dream Big On March 25th 2022 via GleAM Records

Friday, 08 December 2023

Strong melodies and incisive arrangements never taken for granted take the listener towards substantially emotional paths, where silences and sounds penetrate in the direction of elsewhere not yet mapped, but whose cartography is always entrusted to the improvisation of the quintet.

The theme of the trip is without a doubt the leitmotif of the entire album, and it matters little whether it refers to real or only dreamed trips, lived experiences or distant places, at least on paper.
Dream Big, title of one of the tracks that gives the name to the entire album, is, more than a concept, the philosophy that permeates the idea of the leader’s journey. It is the wish to fly high, crossing the boundaries of the family, the columns of Hercules that each of us poses day after day, to search for that new path, beat that rough road that would normally be avoided, because it is there that hides a greater emotion, a greater joy. And so Dream Big - a stimulus and omen to oneself even before to others - is a concept deeply linked to a persistent idea of elsewhere. Big dreams fly far away.