BSDE 4tet, led by Saxophonist Daniele Nasi, will release his debut album Elavating Jazz Music Vol. 1 On February 25th 2022 via G

Saturday, 03 December 2022

Elevating Jazz Music Vol. 1

“We play Elevating music, not Elevator music, quoting a phrase by Eminem on Rap God. By doing so, we try to emphasize the social and communicative aspects of music, too often put aside to favor the so-called usability”.
BSDE 4tet is a jazz group, based partly in the Netherlands and partly in Italy, that takes advantage of the different backgrounds of the members to look for a new and fresh sound throughout original compositions. The music combines aspects of free jazz and hard-bop with more modern harmonies and rhythms and with folkloristic material deriving from the different countries or cultural encounters of the musicians.
Some of the compositions are based on facts that have sadly happened in the last years and want to be a way of expressing both disappointment as well as a constructive critique. The quartet strongly believe, in fact, that music is an important social moment, both for sharing emotions as well as thoughts and that jazz can still lead to reflection and change as it has in the past.
The open-ended writing style of the compositions was conceived with a specific sound in mind, which led to the founding of the BSDE 4tet. At the same time, it leaves space for interaction among all who participate, so the personal and expressive contribution of both musicians and audience become essential.
Interplay and a collective sound are aspects that the band feels very strongly about, to the point that the album was recorded the "old-fashioned way", in a single room and without headphones or double-glazing to separate the vibrations of the instruments.
The group recently received the Roberto Zelioli 2019 award during a tour in Italy.

Daniele Nasi - Tenor & Soprano Saxophone
Jung Taek "JT" Hwang - Piano, Moog & Fender Rhodes
Giacomo Marzi – Double-bass
Andrea Bruzzone – Drums