Boni/Germani/Lanzoni/Ponticelli/Giaquinto - Xenya

Saturday, 03 December 2022

"In a historical period in which welcoming seems difficult and almost forbidden, music offers the opportunity to subvert this trend. Welcoming not only physically but also welcoming other people’s ideas, trying to be part of them and to contribute without judging.
In the ancient Greece, hospitality was sacred and represented by the "Xenya" which contained a series of rules whereby those who welcomed and those who were hosted had to exchange gifts".
Cosimo Boni (trumpet), Daniele Germani(alto saxophone), Alessandro Lanzoni (piano), Francesco Ponticelli (double-bass) and Roberto Giaquinto (drums) have donated and granted each other 10 original compositions, using them as a springboard for a dip in other people’s thoughts and souls. Music flows between the different pens without favoring any of them, creating the opening of an imaginary portal towards any possibility. Welcoming therefore becomes a point of inspiration and a beginning.