Artist: Roberto Del Piano, Alberto Olivieri, Cristina Mazza, Bruno Marini     Album: Double 3     Label: Caligola Records     Code: Caligola 2314

Double 3

  • Double 3

  • Roberto Del Piano, Alberto Olivieri, Cristina Mazza, Bruno Marini

  • 26 August 2022

  • Caligola 2314

  • 8033433293147

  • Digital, Jazzos, Caligola Records

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  • Created on : 04 November 2022

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  • From: Caligola Records

Press Release

When it was proposed to us, we asked ourselves if it made sense to release on Cd an album that had come out the year before on all digital platforms. And yet, after listening to the music, we had no doubt and, in order to avoid confusion, decided together with the musicians to use the same cover. Peppo Delconte’s excellent liner notes come to our rescue as they describe this body of work in the best possible way, therefore we quote them almost integrally. “Lately Roberto Del Piano has been taking stock of his remarkable experience in the European avant-garde by inviting plenty of friends to make home studio recordings at his home in Lodi. Yet this time he made an exception for a few Venetian friends: he was the one who moved and reached Brazz Studios in Verona’s countryside. On the solid, basic rhythm section created by Roberto’s electric bass and Alberto’s drums, Cristina Mazza and Bruno Marini have played alternately. We said alternately because the two saxophonists, despite playing together for more than twenty years, decided to take turns and create a double trio, where improvisation is equally left to the three musicians’ own initiative. Therefore, next to the ever–present Del Piano and Olivieri, four tracks make room for Cristina’s alto sax and four other tracks make room for Bruno’s baritone sax and flute. The final track, Sunset Enigma, where Marini performs on the piano, complicates this weird mathematical tangle even more. Mathematics is an exact science indeed...but when it comes to totally improvised music, it’s all about emotion and the pleasure to play together. A special emotion comes from the opening of Forgotten Names with Cristina Mazza’s vocal acrobatics, a sort of lament for all the forgotten war and violence victims. All the tracks were created in the studio by the four musicians, with the only exception of Ornette Coleman’s classic Beauty is a Rare Thing. The name says it all.”.

Track List

1) Endemic
2) Cane di sabbia
3) Yogi

4) Forgotten Names
5) Brazz!

6) Beauty Is a Rare Thing (Ornette Coleman)
Flute and Cats
Double Moon
9) Sunset Enigma

All tunes composed, unless otherwise noted, by Roberto Del Piano and Alberto Olivieri (all), Bruno Marini (1/3/5/7/9) and Cristina Mazza (2/4/6/8)


Roberto Del Piano (electric bass)
Alberto Olivieri (drums)


Cristina Mazza (alto sax, voice) on tracks 2/4/6/8

Bruno Marini (baritone sax, flute, piano) on tracks 1/3/5/7/9

Recording Data

Recorded and mixed at Brazz Studios, San Michele Extra (Verona), on 19th May 2021





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