Artist: Gerardo Pepe     Album: Orchestrando Piano     Label: Caligola Records     Code: Caligola 2315

Orchestrando Piano

  • Orchestrando Piano

  • Gerardo Pepe

  • 19 August 2022

  • Caligola 2315

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  • Created on : 28 July 2022

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Press Release

«Orchestrando Piano», the first album by leader of the young pianist Gerardo Pepe, born in Puglia but now living in Bologna, shows off his magnificent qualities as arranger and conductor, uncommon for a musician of his age. He does not conduct a real big band here, but a large ensemble of twelve elements, which, however, contains all the instruments that make up a traditional jazz big band. There are six original arrangements of modern standards, all composed by famous pianist, from Horace Silver to Thelonious Monk, from McCoy Tyner to Herbie Hancock, faced with freshness and without referential fears, but also one original composition of the leader, which pays tribute in the centenary of the birth to the unforgettable master Charles Mingus. Even the orchestra’s members are all very young, musicians in part already known of the new Italian jazz scene, from Antonello Del Sordo to Roberto Solimando, from Federico Califano to Daniele D'Alessandro. Ultimately a successful record, well–built and enjoyable, which shows how much there is still need for orchestral jazz

Track List

1) Nigerian Marketplace (Oscar Peterson)
2) We See (Thelonious Monk)

3) Song for My Father (Horace Silver)
4) Ask Me Now (Thelonious Monk)
5) Passion Dance (McCoy Tyner)
6) Three Bags Full (Herbie Hancock)

7) Remembering Charles (Gerardo Pepe)

All arrangements by Gerardo Pepe


Gerardo Pepe (conduction) with
Andrea Salvato (flute), Daniele D’Alessandro (clarinet, bass clarinet), Federico Califano (alto sax), Giacomo Casadio (tenor sax), Francesco Milone (baritone sax), Antonello Del Sordo and Matteo Pontegavelli (trumpet), Roberto Solimando (trombone), Saverio Zura (chitarra), Filippo Galbiati (piano), Filippo Cassanelli (double bass), Dario Rossi (drums)

Recording Data

Recorded on 12/13/14 November 2021, mixed from December 2021 to February 2022, at Over Studio Recording, Cento (Ferrara), by Angelo Paracchini; mastered and edited in March 2022 at Level Mastering Studio, Bologna, by Nicola Fantozzi.


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