Artist: Djana Sissoko     Album: Pantera     Label: Caligola Records     Code: Gutenberg 3022


  • Pantera

  • Djana Sissoko

  • 22 July 2022

  • Gutenberg 3022

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  • Digital, Jazzos, Caligola Records

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  • Created on : 28 June 2022

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  • From: Caligola Records

Press Release

This is a very special album, an actual rebirth for Djana Sissoko, thanks to which she found herself again in music. Each sentence of her lyrics tells who she is today, what she has been through, what she has realized. After her acoustic debut album, «By My Own», recorded in duo with guitarist Massimo Garritano in 2018, when she wasn’t yet nineteen years old, her path has gradually become more defined. «Pantera» is the result of a long, patient and demanding work: it took some time to find the musical style that best represents her. Many attempts were made, and not always successful, with different musicians, until the ideal partners to focus on this new artistic dimension were finally found. The nine songs that make up the album are all beautiful both for the music, especially the melodies, and the lyrics. Djana wanted something different from what she usually does when collaborating with her father, Baba Sissoko, mainly immersed at his side in the atmosphere of jazz, blues or world music. Nevertheless, those experiences were important as they helped her to find her own expressive style, through a young, vibrant and contaminated music made of beautiful melodies and a lot of groove. In «Pantera» Djana gives her best with her voice which has matured considerably over these last four years, thanks also to the excellent arrangements by Luigi Genise, a marvelous pianist (here he also plays the Hammond organ) who collaborated with important names of both Italian and international music, such as Pino Daniele and Jamie Dolce respectively. Luigi also has a deep knowledge of black music and managed to interpret the singer’s ideas in the best way. This time, unlike the previous album, Djana chose not to play the guitar and to write almost all her new songs in Italian, her native language, except for the English of Bitches on My Car and the Spanish of Mentiroso and Baila. This choice allowed her to express her emotions and feelings even more honestly.

Track List

1) Amsterdam
2) Baila

3) Debole e fragile
4) Papà

5) Bitches on My Car
6) Mano

7) Mentiroso
8) Pantera

9) Specchio

Tutte le canzoni (testi e musica) sono di Djana Rosa Sissoko
Arrangiamenti di Luigi Genise


Djana Sissoko (voce)
Luigi Genise (piano, organo Hammond)
Tobia Ciaglia (basso elettrico)

Gennaro Scarpato (batteria, percussioni)

Recording Data

Registrato tra Cosenza e Siena da Antonio Staropoli e Luigi Genise in febbraio, mixato in marzo da Luigi Genise e masterizzato al KayaStudio di Quattromiglia (Cosenza) in aprile 2022 da Francesco Malizia.



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