Artist: Luca Dal Sacco, Matteo Mosolo, Carlo Amendola     Album: Some Funk Punk     Label: Caligola Records     Code: Caligola 2311

Some Funk Punk

  • Some Funk Punk

  • Luca Dal Sacco, Matteo Mosolo, Carlo Amendola

  • 27 May 2022

  • Caligola 2311

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  • Created on : 29 April 2022

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Press Release

«Some Funk Punk» is a project that was born as an evolution of the acoustic groove that has always distinguished the sound of the Humpty Duo by Luca Dal Sacco and Matteo Mosolo, with albums such as «Synchronicities», but also the successful double bass solo album by Mosolo «Isolation». To complete the trio, the two musicians from Udine invited their friend Carlo "Charlie" Amendola, one of the most interesting young Italian punk-rock drummers. His precise and personal touch in fact gives the sound of the band energy and creativity, power and groove. The repertoire is entirely original - all tunes are composed by Dal Sacco and Mosolo, who in this case play electric guitar and bass - and ranges from the contemporary jazz-funk of Chocobo, After a While or Groovy Wolf, with clear references to John Scofield, to the most intimate blues sound of Under the Weather. But there are also moments of metropolitan post-punk, with more rough tracks like Odd Balance and Blinding Dance. From the first listening to «Some Funk Punk» we can also feel the newfound desire of the musicians to finally be able to make music together after the limitations imposed by the pandemic, and this is a source of pleasure, energy and positive vibrations, much needed in difficult times like these that we are going through.


Track List

01) Chocobo
02) After a While
03) Cozumel

04) Blinding Dance
05) Under the Weather

06) Groovy Wolf
07) Holden (Spirit)

08) Funky Mood
09) Deep Sleep

10) Odd Balance

Tunes 1/2/3/6/7/8 composed by Luca Dal Sacco
Tunes 4/5/9/10 composed by Matteo Mosolo


Luca Dal Sacco (electric guitar)
Matteo Mosolo (electric bass)
Carlo Amendola (drums)


Recording Data

Recorded in July, mixed in October and mastered in November 2021 by Simone Cescutti, at FlatPlant Recording Studio, San Daniele del Friuli (Udine), Italy.


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