Artist: SirJoe Polito     Album: My Friend Ry     Label: Caligola Records     Code: Gutenberg 3020

My Friend Ry

  • My Friend Ry

  • SirJoe Polito

  • 24 December 2021

  • Gutenberg 3020

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  • Created on : 26 November 2021

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  • From: Caligola Records

Press Release

«My Friend Ry» is a tribute album to great Ry Cooder by some blues musicians from the Venetian area leaded by SirJoe Polito, even more important for the presence of guests like Paul Millns, Jeff Pevar, Butch Coulter. It’s funny how all the songs recorded by Cooder are pieces of others but arranged to perfection in his own way making them his own, just as here we now find this company to shape some covers of the covers and to reinvent and re–arrange them in a precious way, perfectly mixing the many languages ​​of American popular music.




Track List

01) Crazy ‘Bout An Automobile [Every Woman I Know] (B.Emerson)
02) Ditty Wah Ditty (A.Blake)
03) Alimony (T.Tucker, B.Lee Jones, W.Young)

04) Jesus on the Mainline (Traditional)
05) Across the Borderline (R.Cooder, J.Hiatt, J.Dickinson)

06) 13 Question Method (C.Berry)
07) How Can a Poor Man Stand Such Times and Live? (A.Reed)

08) Little Sister (D.Pumus, M.Shuman)
09) Go Home Girl (A.Alexander)

10. The Dark End of the Street (D.Penn, C.Moman)
11) Tattler (W.Phillips, R.Titelman, R.Cooder)

12) Goodnight Irene (H.Ledbetter, A.Lomax)


SirJoe Polito (guitars, vocals) with:
Carlo De Bei (electric guitar), Danilo Scaggiante (saxophones), Gianni Spezzamonte (electric bass), Marco Campigotto (drums), Willy Mazzer (harmonica), Stefano Santangelo (mandolin), Fabrizio Pittalis (keyboards), Michele “Lele” Pagiaro (electric bass), Graziano Guerriero (drums), Ivano Berti and Matteo Sansonetto (vocals), Inger Nova Jorgensen, Daisy Voltarel and B–Wops (backing vocals)
Special guests:

Paul Millns (piano, vocals),
Butch Coulter (harmonica), Jeff Pevar (mandolin, ukulele, guitars, vocals)

Recording Data

Recorded, mixed, edited and mastered at Pigio’s Highfield Studios, Venezia, by Pierluigi “Gigi” Campalto (thanks to Martino Favalli), during 2020 and 2021; Across the Borderline and Tattler mixed by Jeff Pevar in Ashland, Oregon (USA).


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