Artist: SirJoe Polito     Album: My Friend Ry     Label: Caligola Records     Code: Gutenberg 3020

My Friend Ry

  • My Friend Ry

  • SirJoe Polito

  • 24 December 2021

  • Gutenberg 3020

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  • Digital, Jazzos, Caligola Records

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  • Created on : 26 November 2021

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Press Release

Ry Cooder has been a music icon for the past fifty years; even those who don't know his name, love his music, because it's unique, and leaves a mark. He's one of those artists who when you love them your passion becomes so intense that it's impossible not to be contagious. It has been like this for Sergio Polito, known as “SirJoe”, who has dedicated this work «My Friend Ry», a sincere and heartfelt gift, as only a true friend could do, even if the two don't know each other personally. From the first notes of Crazy ‘Bout an Automobile his passion is genuine. Sergio Polito – singer and guitarist of the group B–Wops for more than thirty years, historical Venetian blues band with two albums out already – enriches this honest and respectful tribute to Ry Cooder with his guitars, both acoustic and electric, and proves to have mastered from the famed Californian guitarist the art of reinterpreting other musicians’ songs in a personal style. Helped by a great group of talented Italian friends–musicians – but also international guest players of the likes of the English Paul Millns, the Canadian Butch Coulter and above all the American Jeff Pevar, incredible “one–man band” in Tattler – Polito revisits almost the entire Cooder’s repertoire. They reinterpret the blues origins, gospel, tex–mex and rock ‘n’ roll, always with great taste, versatility and also with a good dose of originality, even though it’s not easy to follow such a wide range of genres. Helped or maybe influenced by a friend, writer and journalist Aldo Pedron, who has dedicated two books to Ry Cooder, the Venetian singer and guitarist brought together a large number of musicians in the studio, while some others were recorded from a distance, and so set up in almost two years, despite the pandemic, with patience and great professionalism, the twelve splendid tracks which make up the album «My Friend Ry». The contribution of each guest was important, but the precious work on the electric guitar by Carlo De Bei, the saxes by Danilo Scaggiante and the harmonica by Willy Mazzer, excellently supported by the granite rhythm section formed by Gianni Spezzamonte and Marco Campigotto, must be highlighted, as well as the three extraordinary international guests. Everything happened under the efficient and careful supervision of the knowledgeable music producer, Sergio “SirJoe” Polito, who created a pleasant listening and certainly not banal rendition, as the touching final track Goodnight Irene proves.



Track List

01) Crazy ‘Bout An Automobile [Every Woman I Know] (B.Emerson)
02) Ditty Wah Ditty (A.Blake)
03) Alimony (T.Tucker, B.Lee Jones, W.Young)

04) Jesus on the Mainline (Traditional)
05) Across the Borderline (R.Cooder, J.Hiatt, J.Dickinson)

06) 13 Question Method (C.Berry)
07) How Can a Poor Man Stand Such Times and Live? (A.Reed)

08) Little Sister (D.Pumus, M.Shuman)
09) Go Home Girl (A.Alexander)

10. The Dark End of the Street (D.Penn, C.Moman)
11) Tattler (W.Phillips, R.Titelman, R.Cooder)

12) Goodnight Irene (H.Ledbetter, A.Lomax)


SirJoe Polito (guitars, vocals) with:
Carlo De Bei (electric guitar), Danilo Scaggiante (saxophones), Gianni Spezzamonte (electric bass), Marco Campigotto (drums), Willy Mazzer (harmonica), Stefano Santangelo (mandolin), Fabrizio Pittalis (keyboards), Michele “Lele” Pagiaro (electric bass), Graziano Guerriero (drums), Ivano Berti and Matteo Sansonetto (vocals), Inger Nova Jorgensen, Daisy Voltarel and B–Wops (backing vocals)
Special guests:

Paul Millns (piano, vocals),
Butch Coulter (harmonica), Jeff Pevar (mandolin, ukulele, guitars, vocals)

Recording Data

Recorded, mixed, edited and mastered at Pigio’s Highfield Studios, Venezia, by Pierluigi “Gigi” Campalto (thanks to Martino Favalli), during 2020 and 2021; Across the Borderline and Tattler mixed by Jeff Pevar in Ashland, Oregon (USA).


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