Artist: C.Mazza / S.Bergin / D.D'Agaro / B.Marini / J-J.Avenel / S.Everett     Album: Celebrating the Music of Mal Waldron     Label: Caligola Records     Code: Caligola 2302

Celebrating the Music of Mal Waldron

  • Celebrating the Music of Mal Waldron

  • C.Mazza / S.Bergin / D.D'Agaro / B.Marini / J-J.Avenel / S.Everett

  • 12 November 2021

  • Caligola 2302

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  • Digital, Jazzos, Caligola Records

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Press Release

Mal Waldron (1925 – 2002), one of the greatest pianists of the post–bop scene, has maybe been forgotten too quickly. And yet Europe, his second home, owes him a great deal. After playing with some of modern jazz giants, from Charles Mingus to Billie Holiday, from Eric Dolphy to Max Roach, the pianist moved to Munich in 1967 and Brussels in the ‘90s. Among the European jazz musicians that had the privilege to play with Waldron there’s Cristina Mazza who, after meeting him at the seminars held by Giorgio Gaslini in Liguria in the ‘90s, recorded the album «Where Are You?» in 1991 with him and Reggie Workman. Five years after the African–American pianist’s passing, the alto sax player born in Milan, but Veronese by choice, made up her mind to organize a recording session where the three members of Waldron’s last European quartet – Sean Bergin from Holland, Jean–Jacques Avenel and Sangoma Everett from France – were joined by as many Italian jazz musicians: besides her there were Bruno Marini and Daniele D’Agaro. She created an unusual four–reeds sextet without harmonic instruments which paid a tribute to Waldron by playing with enthusiasm eight of his compositions, some of them not well–known, to which original arrangements gave luster. When we listened to this recording we were immediately impressed. It was not easy to resist the temptation of releasing it, so that all the aficionados could appreciate, even after many years, a music more alive and contemporary than ever. What strikes is not just the impact of the four wind instruments: each track has a certain appeal. What you listen to in «Celebrating the Music of Mal Waldron» is deep, visceral jazz as it’s increasingly rare to listen to nowadays. An honorable mention must be given to Sean Bergin who in Left Alone, after a touching prologue by Bruno Marini on baritone sax, recites Billie Holiday’s verses like a rapper with deep emotion, and turns this well–known song into a heartfelt prayer.


Track List

1) Hurray for Herbie
2) Snake Out

3) What It Is
4) Our Colline’s a Treasure
5) Status Seeking
6) Medley

     a. Soul Eyes
b. Changachangachanga

7) Dig It Deep Down Baby
8) Left Alone (*)

All compositions by Mal Waldron (* lyrics by Billie Holiday)


Cristina Mazza (alto sax)
Sean Bergin (tenor sax, voice*)

Daniele D’Agaro (clarinet, tenor sax)
Bruno Marini (baritone sax)

Jean–Jacques Avenel (double bass)

Sangoma Everett (drums)

Recording Data

Recorded and mixed on 22nd and 23rd February 2007 in Verona.

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